Medical Stabilization (Detoxification)

Medical Stabilization (commonly known as detox) is the beginning step to treatment for those with various substance dependencies, including alcohol, benzodiazepine, and opioid addictions.

Utilizing the latest advances in Medical Detox, Withdrawal, and Stabilization, Lake Wellness' physician-managed, outpatient program allows patients to experience improvements in their symptoms and mood. Our physicians understand the needs of patients who may experience withdrawal from substances. Outpatient medical stabilization is available at Lake Wellness so you can continue work, school and your everyday life while in treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

The Intensive Outpatient Program, or IOP, is a comprehensive clinical treatment program that includes Medical Stabilization through Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) and intensive clinical therapy and counseling. Though, not all patients may require the use of medications for the purpose of stabilization. The program is designed for the patient to maintain the activities of their daily lives and can be customized to allow flexibility to accommodate busy work, school and family schedules. IOP helps patients establish recovery skills and incorporates additional education and therapy, including leadership training, relapse prevention, and communication skills.

The IOP is facilitated by experienced, licensed and certified addiction staff at our eight outpatient facilities throughout Louisiana. While attending Lake Wellness' IOP, patients can anticipate 9 to 15 hours of Group Therapy per week for 4 to 8 weeks depending on the patient's needs. Group therapy also incorporates family involvement on a weekly basis. Family members, or anyone on the patient's support team, are welcome to attend these sessions which offer education, group therapy, support networking and resource linkages.

Additionally, IOP includes individual counseling sessions available as a complement to group therapy and effectively treats trauma and other psycho-dynamics that accompany the disease of addiction.

Alumni Groups

The Alumni Group was created as a tool for those who have graduated from IOP, and are committed to life-long recovery. This group allows graduates to stay connected to their recovery peers for support and guidance.

Addiction Assessments and Education

Some organizations or patients require an assessment to determine needs the right treatment course for a patient. At Lake Wellness, our licensed / certified addiction staff can evaluate the needs of a patient through our customized assessment tool and make therapeutic recommendations. In some cases, our team may provide educational sessions and resources to equip the patient with the knowledge and skills necessary to take advantage of the opportunity for abstinence. Our clinicians have a designed curriculum packaged for maximum benefit to our patients.