If you or your loved one are struggling with addiction involving alcohol, prescription drugs or other illegal substances, we can help you feel better fast and no one needs to know about it but you. Our award-winning comprehensive addiction treatment programs are highly confidential, completely local and covered by most insurance plans.

Baton Rouge Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction can sometimes be overwhelming. There is a lot at stake and addicts sometimes find it difficult to stay on course. Our facilities such as the one in Baton Rouge, La., offer extensive outpatient services to help addicts who are addicted to illegal drugs, prescription drugs, and alcohol. We would like to introduce you to our facility and help you make a decision on receiving the care you need for overcoming an addiction.

The professionals at Lake Wellness Center's Baton Rouge facility understand you are nervous about seeking outpatient rehab. Everyone who walks through our doors is, and this is a common reaction. We believe in empowering people with knowledge. The more you know about what to expect from rehabilitation, the better equipped you will be to make those important decisions in your life.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center is Less Invasive

When deciding on addiction treatment options, many people question if they should choose a residential program or outpatient rehab. We know this decision is not easy so we want to offer some guidance that will help.

Before we delve into the two, it is important to note: There is no major clinical difference in the care received through an outpatient program and one that is residential. Some addicts prosper more in an inpatient setting, while others find them too restrictive and prefer outpatient care.

Residential or inpatient treatment programs are intensive and are primarily designed to help those who are suffering from severe addictions. Often, this type of treatment is a last resort effort after an addict has failed at other types of treatment.

An outpatient program allows you to continue to live at home and rarely interferes with your job, school or other responsibilities. For many, outpatient treatment is less invasive and allows them the treatment, therapy and support they need, without the strict confines of inpatient drug addiction treatment.

While outpatient care is an effective treatment option, it is not for everyone, including those dealing with the following. For the following, we recommend our inpatient program.

Frequent relapses
Those who are a danger to themselves and others
Those with family members who use

Outpatient care allows you peace of mind in knowing you will still be able to take care of your responsibilities so they will not weigh heavily on your mind during treatment. We have found our patients are able to stay focused on their care because they are not stressed about being away from home.

Outpatient care fosters family and community involvement, which are integral to success. Our outpatient program gives you access to the immense support you will need in your journey towards freedom from addiction.

Well-Regarded Baton Rouge Rehabilitation Center Helps You Remain at Home

Most people want to remain as close to home as possible when they are going through addiction treatment. Being away from home and those you hold dear can make things difficult. The feelings of isolation sometimes put more stress on the addict.

Our Baton Rouge facility is geared toward helping you remain at home with your family while being able to receive the comprehensive treatments you need in your recovery efforts. Our Baton Rouge facility offers all of the services addicts need, including the following.

A full assessment to determine your addiction severity and diagnose any underlying mental health issues.

Individual therapy to help you address your causes of addictions and triggers for use.

Group therapy to help you work with your peers for support and accountability.

Mental health treatment to address any mental conditions that may impede your progress.

Alcohol and drug addiction education to help you understand the far-reaching negativities of your addiction.

Pharmacological treatment is available for our patients who need medications.

Relapse prevention strategies help to prepare you for what lies ahead after rehab.

As you can see, our program is extensive and offers all the treatments and services addicts need in the recovery process. We want you to be successful and we will work tirelessly to keep you on the right path.

With our outpatient program, you will be able to retain your privacy during treatment. Because you are not entering an inpatient program, you are not forced to tell your employer about your addiction. No one needs to know you are seeking treatment other than those you choose to disclose this information to. If you need more extensive intervention, our 90-day inpatient program is a lifesaver.

Addicts should never be ashamed of admitting they need help. Our professional staff treats patients with full respect and work to help them by giving them the tools they need for success. Successfully overcoming any type of addiction does not happen overnight.

Drug Rehab Centers Near Me

Drug addiction affects millions of people in the United States. Addiction does not happen overnight and cannot be overcome overnight, either. Sometimes, it is a lifelong battle that ebbs and flows.

Our addiction outpatient program has been built to exacting standards to ensure our patients are cared for in every aspect of the recovery process. Some are able to find freedom faster than others and there should never be any type of cookie-cutter approach when it comes to drug treatment.

Addiction treatment in an outpatient setting is just as effective for most people as inpatient treatment. You should not be forced away from your family and put your career in jeopardy to get help.

We believe drug addiction is a disease of the brain. Although your addiction cannot be fully cured, it can be placed in full remission. That is our goal for you when you enter our program. Our outpatient program is successful because we rely on the science of addiction. Your biological and genetic components are taken into account in developing your plan of care.

Lake Wellness Center's Baton Rouge facility offers more than a simple treatment program. Our program is fully physician-led and focuses on you as an entire person and not the sum of your addiction. We have proudly named our treatment approach as the "Lake Wellness Way" because we fully believe in its ability to save lives.

We believe family involvement is critical for drug addicts. You need the support of those who are closest to you. If your family is not supportive or if they are users themselves, do not fear. The support you receive from peers in the program will help to keep you on track as you progress toward freedom from drugs.

  • Cognitive testing
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Substance abuse education
  • Chronic disease management
  • Weekly family night
  • Medically-supervised detox
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Both daytime and evening programs to meet your needs

We treat each of our patients with the respect they deserve. Our patients are individuals and are treated as such. Our patient care plans are unique and effective and encompass the full range of care that is needed for successfully managing drug addiction.

If you have not yet gone through detox, we will provide you with this service and help you safely get the drugs out of your system, while keeping you as comfortable as possible. Once you are sober, we can take care of your assessment to discover the severity of your drug addiction and any mental health issues that may be present.

Once you have been assessed, our team of drug addiction specialists will immediately go to work on helping you achieve your goals. By the time you leave our program, you will be fully equipped with all you need to successfully keep your disease in remission for life.

Alcohol Treatment Near Me

We know the pathway to recovery is a lifelong journey. Alcoholism is a disease, and genetics plays a great role in this addiction. We consistently see patients who are third- and fourth-generation alcoholics. We will help you break the cycle of addiction and learn to put your disease in remission for life.

Alcoholism is a disease that affects people of all walks of life. Although we often think of the wino on the street corner as an image of this disease, there are Wall Street millionaires who suffer. Some people are able to hide their alcoholism more effectively than others.

Before you can effectively seek alcohol treatment, you need to be able to admit there is a problem. Facing this problem head-on is the only way to victory. The signs of alcoholism include the following.

  • Drinking becomes more important than anything or anyone else.
  • Drinking begins to affect your relationships in negative ways.
  • You find yourself making excuses or telling lies regarding your drinking.
  • You frequently drink alone.
  • Your tolerance for alcohol continues to rise.
  • You are losing memory due to blackouts.
  • Your personal hygiene is suffering because of your drinking.
  • You are taking greater risks because of alcohol.
  • When you try to quit, you experience agonizing withdrawal symptoms.

We are here to shed light on the stigma of alcoholism and to help our patients rise above the shame they feel because of their addiction to alcohol. Our goal is to give you all of the treatment, support and tools you need to be successful.

We offer outpatient care. Some of our patients end up going through both types of treatment. We are so sure our program works, we even offer a guarantee. If you complete our 90-day program, we guarantee you will not relapse or you can receive a complimentary 30 days of treatment.

Our outpatient program is second to none and helps you seek treatment without the confines of an inpatient program. You will not even have to inform your employer or experience disturbances to your life because we offer both daytime and nighttime programs.

If alcohol is taking over your life, we are here to help. You do not have to fight this battle alone. With our medically-supervised program, you will have a team of physicians and addiction specialists to help you become free of alcohol and remain that way.

We help you through every step from detox to relapse protection. Right now, your disease may be winning, but it does not have to be that way forever. Our caring staff is dedicated to helping you successfully achieve remission and stay there. It is not an easy journey, but we will help you every step of the way.

Why You Should Seek Our Drug or Alcoholism Treatment Program Services

In a study conducted in 2015, researchers discovered there are an estimated 240 million people worldwide who are dependent on alcohol. Drug and alcohol addiction is on the rise and researchers believe this equates to the stress of busier lifestyles.

Although millions are addicts, the vast majority never seeks treatment for their illness. You wouldn't avoid visiting your doctor if you had cancer. Why is it so many say no to treatment help?

Lake Wellness Center believes many people feel ashamed about their addiction and do not realize it is an illness. No one should be ashamed of having a disease. We want you to feel confident about reaching out for help.

Contact the Experts at Lake Wellness Center Baton Rouge Today

Lake Wellness Center counselors in Baton Rouge are available to help you decide on seeking drug or alcohol treatment. We know this is a huge step and it is not a decision to be taken lightly. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your disease or the services we provide.

You can call any time, day or night, to receive help. With a full assessment, you will be able to discover the severity of your addiction and what mental health issues may be causing further problems with your disease.

At Lake Wellness Center's Baton Rouge facility, you will not be judged or labeled. You will not be known by your addiction. You will be treated as an individual who deserves to be respected at all times. Allow us to help you learn more about your addiction and how you can get your drug or alcohol disease in remission and remain there for life. Our programs are flexible and will meet your needs in every area of addiction recovery. Call us today to get started.

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