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Boutte Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Millions of people suffer from the effects of addiction each year. Drug and alcohol abuse can lead to serious health conditions, in addition to the immediate effects of intoxication and withdrawal. Opioids can decrease symptoms related to pain, but they also have harmful effects that include difficulty with respiration. The current statistics around opioid use are staggering. More than 100 people that die each day from opioid overdose across the United States. Addiction is not a choice people make, but rather a disease that affects how the brain operates. When people suffer from this disease, it is vital to get help at one of the many addiction treatment centers that are available. Lake Wellness Center has several locations throughout South Louisiana which makes finding a location close to home convenient. Getting treatment at one of these facilities, including the one in Metairie, La., can help people detox and move forward with a program that can start the process of recovery.

People who suffer through addiction desperately need the support of family and friends to have a successful recovery. For family and friends, it is about leaving the past in the past and taking positive steps toward a brighter future.

How to Find the Best Rehabilitation Center

When a decision is made to enter a treatment program, one of the first questions you may ask is, "How do I find quality rehab centers near me?" Staying close to home is often necessary because most treatment programs include a mix of inpatient and outpatient treatment.

Patients who start at one of the Lake Wellness Center locations are likely going to go through a medical detox as the first step in the process. Having trained professionals on site and with patients around the clock is the best way to ensure their health needs are being met. Once that step is complete, then an actual treatment program can be put in place.

As patients start to recover and show improvement, then the treatments could move to an intensive outpatient program. This involves regularly scheduled sessions each week for a few hours at a time. This is a stage of the treatment process where people may get back to work and start down the path of rebuilding some broken relationships. This is also a time where the thought of a relapse can enter the equation. A relapse is a likely scenario for anyone that is recovering from addiction. If there is a relapse, there is an option to return to a more intense inpatient program.

Patients will learn coping strategies and how to make alternative choices that won't be so destructive. The intense nature of this therapy is best carried out when there are no outside distractions getting in the way.

Continuing a series of inpatient treatments is a likely next step because this is often a time when intense intervention is needed. Patients need to physically adapt, and also work on changing the behaviors that often trigger the addiction.

Drug Treatment Program Provides Safe Environment

One of the main benefits of seeking out drug rehab centers near me is the significantly lower chance of a relapse that is experienced by those who enter a treatment program. The only way for anyone to truly overcome their addiction is by going through a treatment program and completing the program all the way to the end. Whether an inpatient or outpatient program is determined to be the best course of action, both plans provide the structure that is needed to help patients recover. The structure of a program minimizes the downtime for patients, which helps keep the focus on activities that are not going to lead to further substance abuse.

The chance of a relapse is higher near the beginning of the treatments. Having around-the-clock support available is a key feature of teatment centers like Lake Wellness. Knowing there are people available to help can really help patients have some peace of mind through this difficult journey.

Another positive aspect of spending time in a drug rehabilitation center is that there is no access to drugs or alcohol. This puts patients in the safest environment possible, which is especially crucial in those first few weeks.

The chance for some social interaction with other patients can also aid in the recovery process. When patients have the chance to share their story, and explain to others what triggers their destructive behaviors, that can lead to conversations around how to avoid those triggers. Being around others that have a similar problem and know the trials and tribulations that come with addition can be very healing.

A final aspect to consider about the benefits of a drug treatment center is nutrition. When patients are part of a treatment center, they are going to have healthy meal options and a balanced diet. Good, quality food can help with the physical challenges of recovery and give patients more energy to see the process through to the end.

Help in Alcoholism Treatment Program Starts With Medical Detox

When someone realizes, "I need to find alcohol rehab near me," that is the first step toward getting help and recovering from a devastating addiction to drinking alcohol. When patients find the Lake Wellness Center that is nearest to their home, one of the first steps after a medical detox has taken place is to do a thorough assessment of the problem.

A mental health screening is part of the initial stages of this process because that is truly what addiction is. This process can help to uncover the severity of the addiction along with any other mental health conditions that may be contributing to the substance abuse problems. The initial assessment can also help rehab specialists at Lake Wellness Center determine the best treatment plan.

Cognitive behavior therapy is a popular form of treatment for those suffering from alcohol addiction. This type of therapy helps the patient to learn how to cope with their feelings of wanting to consume alcohol. The therapy can also provide individuals with alternatives to their choice of drinking alcohol.

Throughout these sessions, the brain is essentially being rewired to operate differently from what it has been doing in the past. This is an intense form of therapy that will not come easily and will take a great deal of work and effort. Behavior therapy is also more effective when family members are involved and support of the efforts. Family bonds can be severely damaged and even broken when someone is addicted to alcohol. Families need to find a way to move forward and help loved ones recover and regain some dignity in their lives.

Alcohol treatment is usually successful, but the desire of the patient to make a change and live a clean and healthy lifestyle is a huge factor. The ability of a counseling professional to design an effective plan, evaluate the effectiveness of it over time, and build a positive rapport with the patient are also key factors. The professionals at Lake Wellness Center's facility in Metairie are dedicated to helping patients recover and live a happier and more productive life.

Effective Treatment Programs for Drug Abuse and Alcohol Abuse

It can be overwhelming for someone to deal with the negative effects of addiction. When an individual admits they have a problem, and then seeks help, how should they determine the best treatment program? The first thing to recognize is that drug and alcohol abuse physically alter the functioning of the brain. These changes to the brain do not reverse when someone stops using drugs or alcohol. This is why relapse is a likely scenario for many people.

Effective treatment programs will acknowledge this fact up front and be honest that the process is going to be long and difficult. Another hallmark of an effective treatment program is varied approaches to the treatment plan. The appropriate setting, interventions and services should be tailor-made for everyone who enters the facility. Lake Wellness Center professionals take great pride in offering a personalized approach for each patient. The personalized approach gives patients a greater chance of returning to a productive home and work life.

Effective addiction treatment plans will also focus on more than just the drug or alcohol abuse. There can be legal problems that have been incurred, and there are likely to be some mental health problems. Treatment programs need to address all of these aspects so that patients can return to a regular life whole rather than having only a few aspects of their addiction treated. Age, gender, ethnicity and culture should all be considered when forming a treatment program. The Lake Way follows a philosophy that attends to all patient needs so they can return to a productive and happy life.

How Long do People Stay in Addiction Treatment Center?

When an individual enters an outpatient treatment program like those offered by Lake Wellness Center, they often want to complete it as soon as a small glimmer of hope or success is achieved. The amount of time a patient needs to stay in drug treatment depends on the unique needs of each individual, but research indicates that patients need at least three months of treatment to be able to significantly reduce or stop their substance abuse habits. Going longer than three months will lead to the best outcomes for patients. This is because recovering from drug addiction is a long-term process that generally requires more than one bout of treatment.

Patients often want to leave treatment programs early because of the desire to get back to their regular life. Quality programs should be able to engage patients in the process, so they see the program all the way through to the end. This can be challenging, and that is again where the help of family members can be crucial.

Behavioral therapy and family therapy are effective treatment methods, but medications can also play a significant role in helping people recover from addiction. Medications can help to stabilize people as they adjust to life without drugs. Medications can also help in the building of new behaviors until they become more routine for patients.

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Drug overdoses are one of the leading causes of injury-related deaths in the United States with an average of 44,000 people dying each year. Drug addiction and substance abuse are major problems, but statistics show that nearly 90 percent of people who need treatment don't get it.

Lake Wellness Center strives to offer a place for people to come and make positive changes to their lives. The program includes a medical detox program so people can be ready for further treatment.

Patients can then move to an outpatient program that includes daytime and evening sessions. Family nights are a crucial part of the program because when family is involved, the chances for success go way up. The individualize programming, behavioral therapy and disease management are all in place to help people get back to living a happy and productive life.

The goal of Lake Wellness Center is to give people the care, tools and support needed to keep their addiction in remission and move forward with a healthier lifestyle. Contact us today.

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